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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 3, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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>> he made a conscious decision to kill multiple tsa employees. >> the suspect in friday's deadly l.a.x. shooting is under 24-hour armed guard. tonight we hear what he told investigators as the community remembers the tsa officer killed in the line of duty. good evening. i'm ama dates. new details have emerged at the deadlien counter at l.a.x -- deadly encounter at l.a.x. as paul ciancia is unresponsive in the hospital. >> paul ciancia was shot four times by officers, one gunshot to the mouth blew a molar out of his jaw. if he ever regains consciousness he faces charges including the death penalty. 23-year-old ciancia told investigators he acted alone. abc news learned his
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unsuspecting roommate dropped him off at l.a.x. thinking he had a flight to get. ciancia made the conscious decision to kill multiple tsa employees. tonight his friends are speaking out. >> he was shy guy. he kept to himself. he was always walking around by himself. didn't really talk to anybody at all. >> he was a really nice guy. a bit loner and introverted, but nothing i would ever, ever expect him to do something like this. >> ciancia was a student at the tech anything cal institute -- technical institute in florida. they say once in the airport ciancia pulled an assault rifle and began firing killing tsa agent gerardo hernandez and wounding three others. >> you can keep up with the developments on the l.a.x. shooting with the abc7 news mobile app. download it for free.
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the airport in birmingham, alabama is back open after a bomb threat. an employee found a note that indicated a bomb had been planted in the airport. police searched, but they found nothing. we learned more today about the sonoma county sheriff deputy who shot and killed a teenage boy. jeff westbrook claimed the deputy appeared agitated when he stopped him from make willing an unsafe lane change in august. westbrook said he asked him if he should move his bmw to a safer spot. >> i looked to grab the stick shift and when i looked back up there was a guy and he was screaming turn the vehicle off. at that point i said, sir, the vehicle is off. he repeatitively screamed the same thing. >> he said he would only draw his gun if he saw a need to do so. relatives of andy lopez will announce a federal civil
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lights lawsuit against the deputy. this woman is due to appear in court to face charges of killing two people while driving. menlo park police claim she was drunk when she struck her -- him and his wife. and there is a sudden spike targeting students. there were three incidents on the cal campus sense wednesday. abc7 news reporter sergio is live to keep students safe. sergio? >> ama in the last month there has been a dozen cases and in all of them, students have been the victims and in most of the cases the robbers are of a the students' cell phones. the student leaders say something has to be done to make a uc berkeley campus safer. with more than a dozen muggings and other attacks on the uc berkeley campus in the last month, some students are taking steps to protect themselves. >> i actually have a pep --
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pepper spray in my bag. it is pink. i have gotten it yesterday. i got it now because i am paranoid. >> the latest attack happened on thursday night at the faculty glade. an 18-year-old woman was grabbed from behind by a man while his accomplice pulled a gun on her and took her phone and rifled through her purse. no arrests in that incident. the student government vice president says being aware is the best way to keep from becoming a target. >> a lot of students don't know safest thing to do is not be on your phone while walking, but instead to be looking up and put your phone away and take your ear buds out of your ears. >> a uc berkeley spokesman says there are night safety services for students including campus escorts. many students don't know about them. they should be more convenient. >> i had someone come in five minutes and somebody come in 45. usually i will have friends stay and wait with me. >> campus police have not determined if these muggings
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are connected. they stepped up their patrols on campus. abc7 news. >> new at 11:00, the oakland at let techs may make themselves feel at hope at at&t park next year. the a's are trying to hammer out a new lease at the coliseum. the san francisco chronicle reports the a's want a two-yearlies and it would give flexibility to move to san jose. the coliseum would prefer to sign an eight-year deal. tonight we are hearing from one of the 14 seniors rescued from a castro valley nursing home now shutdown by the state. she is relieved to be out of valley springs manor. she and her husband lived there since late august, a short period of time, but enough to realize they were not getting the best of care. >> it was bad. we didn't get our meds when we were supposed to. one day i got my morning meds
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at 5 after 1:00 in the afternoon. >> the state ordered them closed 10 days ago. allegations include hiring staff without proper background checks and mishandling patient medication. the owner says seniors were not neglected or abandoned. it is time to get a check on our weather as we head to the workweek. leigh glaser has the check. >> as we look at live doppler 7hd you can see some of the clouds -- >> all right. we will continue on. moving on to amtrak. a travel headache tonight for amtrak passengers getting from the bay area to the central valley on the san juaquin line. train 716 broke downright out side antioch about 3:00 this afternoon because of a loco motive problem. passengers were connecting with a rescue train in stockton, but that train also broke down. it it was fixed a short time ago and the passengers are on
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their way. the highway patrol is trying to figure out why a man dashed across the lanes of the bay bridge before being hit by a car. witnesses say he got out of a car that was stopped in one of the lanes. the man suffered serious injuries. demolition of the old site of the bay bridge is scheduled to begin. cal trans says some sections of the former bridge will likely begin to be removed starting tuesday or wednesday. within six weeks crews hope to have almost 1500 feet of the old bridge demolished. new details tonight in the scandal that rocked bay area politics. abc7 news i team reporter dan noyes is here with a story you will see only on 7. >> sex, drugs drugs and betrayal. coming up next, my exclusive interview with the local politician about the scandal that ended her career and nearly destroyed her marriage. >> and we will hear from a passenger on the jetblue flight and what he heard from another passenger pulled off
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by police. and an infant is finally ready for surgery after a long battle with an insurance company. we will
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politics. former alameda county supervisor is fresh out of rehab and talking to the abc7 news i team about the scandal that cost her her job and almost her marriage. california state treasurer bill lock ear is standing by his wife and it is part two of the interview.
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>> the interview lasted more than two hours and no topic was off the table. nadia sees it as an important step talking about all that happened to her so she can finally move forward. i met nadia at her home in long beach where she is still unpacking boxes and working the 12 steps and enjoying the simple life. walking her son to school each day. >> living in every present moment is what i am going to do and it is beautiful. >> one of the lessons for more than a year in rehab battling an addiction to methamphetamine. >> it made me under weight, under nourished, spiritually and physically it sucked nadia from her soul. >> from the outside nadia seemed to have it all, married to one of the most powerful figures in state politics, bill lock ear who aspired to be governor, but she was leading a secret life with a
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man she met kaiser rehab, a san jose construction worker. it was public after a violent confrontation between nadia and chicani at this hotel in 2012. >> i remember falling back and going no! no! no! no, like that. he surprised himself i think. >> while authorities investigated whether to charge chicani with assault she took leave from the board of supervisors from a month of rehab and returned to work with the spotlight on her. word surfaced she could visit him in jail during the summer of 2011 and then nadia e-mailed the mercury news with a shocking accusation that her husband, bill, once attorney general, the state's top cop, bought and gave me drugs years before meeting steve and then called me crazy when i sought help. >> it was more personal stuff,
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relationship issues. that's why i said some of the statement was true and some wasn't. >> he never bought you drugs? >> no. >> he never gave you drugs? >> no. >> bill lock ear declined oar request, but last year his spokesman told the mercury news that it is completely, totally, utterly false he gave drugs to his wife. thin nadia resigned and the attorney general's office refused to charge chicanni citing insufficient evidence. it didn't help her case she saw chicanni after the alleged assault. >> i believe my credibility was drastically affected by my using. >> nadia says chicanni was taunting her with a sex tape he made and bill saw it after somebody dropped a copy off at their hayward home. and then chicanni is asked where he may sell the sex tapes he made with her and provided two youtube clips
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putting nadia lock ear trying to get my vote. >> i was in complete shock. i didn't know where to begin to get help. >> in may 2012 a judge approved nadia's request for a restraining order saying chicanni threatened to sell personal things to a publication because i don't respond to e-mails and text messages. he refused to be interview etd and he is back in rehab and e-mailed me. i am completely clean and sober since january and staying focused on sobriety and on the path to rebuilding my life. it was all too much for bill lock ear. he filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences and nadia took her son to southern california, a turning point. just three days after arriving her sister found nadia's meth and pipe and the room she shared with her son. >> my sister saved my life.
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she called the police department and said she found something in her home and i was arrested. >> it was your sister who turned you in? >> yeah. >> she pled not guilty to felony possession of a substance and misdemeanor of child endangerment. the judge put the case on hold until she completes rehab. >> i am extremely happy to be receiving the help i need. >> nadia faced many chal electric -- faced many challenges and left her face drooping and an allergic reaction to medicine that made her shake uncontrollably. >> they had to take me to the er. i remember the little girl in the room saying it looked like i was nervous or something. >> she was allowed to leave with her son and bill and saw the progress she made. >> nadia has tattoo to honor
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her heritage. >> i got this in treatment. >> she says they also symbolize strength and hope for the future. >> i lost nadia and i lost it harder in addiction. and i now have me back and i am able to be present for my son and my husband and for others. >> nadia has a hearing in january which the judge could drop the charges against her if she continues to do well. she tells me one day she hopes to get work as a lawyer and perhaps in a foundation whereas a social worker helping addicts of domestic violence. >> incredible coming back from all of that of the. >> a long journey. >> thank you, dan. a wind advisory was canceled , but tonight there was a breeze left as you can see on the embarcadero. abc7 news leigh glaser has the forecast. >> it does look like the winds have started to die down. we still have a few gusts here
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and there, but it looks like as the night prolongs those temperatures will be dropping as the wind starts to drop as well. you can see the clouds that were with us this afternoon quickly moving to the south and with a clear air and a clear sky that means temperatures could drop rapidly. already 47 in los gatos and 52 in san francisco right now. a live shot from the sutro cam showing you all clear over the city. santa rosa 43. napa already 39 degrees. it is 48 in novato and livermore 48 degrees as well. here is a look at our forecast. highlights to take you to the first part of the workweek. clearingclearing and colder. there is a possibility that the north bay communities could see a little frost by early tomorrow morning. get ready for lots of sunshine tomorrow and the temperatures come up. in fact, the next few days, expect the temperatures to climb back into the 70s inland.
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9:00 this morning we were clear, but you can see a little bit of energy from the area of low pressure to the north of us. starting to bring us some high clouds you off and on today. that's exactly what will take place overnight tonight. tomorrow morning 5:00 a.m. we should see clear skies. it will be cold out there and then through the course of the day the high pressure will keep the storm track to the north of us so no rain in the forecast. breezy near the coast, but plenty of sunshine and that will translate to some warmer temperatures for your monday afternoon. >> here is a look at your lows for tonight, and we may want to bring them down more depending on how much we get out there. some of the protected valley areas cloverdale, ukiah and maybe toward the sonoma valley area and napa valley. don't be surprised in the little bit of pros. a little bit of frost.
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highs tomorrow, more sunshine and less wind and that will translate to warmer temperatures 57 for san rafael and interior east bacon cord and antioch and livermore and oakley you are heading toward 70 degrees, oakland 66 and 67 for san jose. the seven-day forecast and we will all be in the 70s for the most part. heading to tuesday and wednesday and wednesday the warmest day of the workweek and getting ready for a cool down on friday and saturday. the clouds thicken and it will be cooler and there is a slight chance that we swril showers next -- we will have showers next sunday. >> thank you. 49er offs this week, but raiders take center stage. >> the raiders ran into a red-hot quarterback with the eagles. kubiak collapsed at half time an
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philadelphia and up 560 total yards of offense and lost by 29. that's because the high-flying eagles lead by nick foles had seven touchdown passes. halloween never over in the black hole. raiders looking for their third straight win at home. first drive of the game and 7-0 eagles. the second quarter to cooper for a second td of the half. hayden falls down and cooper goes 63 yards and philly up 21-3. eagles scored a touchdown on the first 4 possessions. his first career touchdown. eagles at the half. 328 yards in the first half and foles dumps it to mccoy and he does the rest. that's the fifth td pass.
11:25 pm
foles to jackson and an easy six. 22 and 28 pointers and more td's than incompletions. finally foles seventh td pass of the game. ties a record for most td passes in a single game with seven. eagles embarrass the raiders 49-20. oakland drops to 3-5 on the year. >> that's uncharacteristic of the way we have been playing. it will be a hard one to watch. we have to see where we can get better. >> obviously i had a lot of family members here. it was a lot of fun being with them. >> we just got beat today. really in all phases we were not able to do the things we needed to do to have success. >> scary scene on sunday night football. gary kubiak collapsed to his knees and left the field at half time. the 50-year-old was taken off on a stretcher and taken to the hospital. the texans said he did not have a heart attack.
11:26 pm
he felt light headed and dizzy and was talking to paramedics and is currently in stable condition with his family at a local hospital. it is time for yet another edition of plays of the day. the chiefs despite no offensive touchdowns beat the bills thanks to this pick by smith. chiefs are now 9-0 with a 23-13 victory. seattle, the largest come back in franchise history. they won in ot for their 12th straight home win. the colts were down at half time, but luck put up 24 points in the second half including three td passes to ty hilton. redskins beat the chargers and touchdown of the day goes to this. zero yard interception but the skins win it. catch of the day, meecham, seven becauses before he comes down with it, but the jets win 5-6. last year's mvp adrian peterson shows why he is still one of the best. no one cowboy could bring him down. tony romo gets the win.
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their season with two winners. fred couples won his first of the year. they won the season ending scwaab points final. a valiant effort, but he tied for second at 11 under par. he finished tied for fifth at 10 under. he says i am not worthy. he wins the charles schwaab cup. he gets it by six strokes. he finished 17 under on the tournament and his first win on the champions tour this
11:31 pm
weekend and a great week of golf. this sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. coming up, a familiar face on the football field is trying to make a name for himself on the sidelines. stick around a. and the raiders take a little step back, but let's not fall out of favor. they are an improving team, but they ran into a quarterback with a hot hand and throws seven touchdowns. >> thank you, shu. still to come, we are hearing from one of the passengers on the sfo from long beach. why another passenger was freaking out on the plane. defending the affordable care act and the fight to get the problem fixed. plus president obama's next bay area visit. when he will be here and why. keep it here, abc7 news at 11:00 continues right after this short break.
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i'm ama dates. we are learning more about the suspected it gunman in friday's deadly shooting at the los angeles international airport. paul ciancia continues to be unresponsive after being wounded by police. ciancia said he acted alone after the mechanic was rushed to a hospital. the family of andy lopez plans to file a lawsuit against sonoma county and the sheriff who shot him to death. attorneys for the family claim he violated loy pes' civil -- lopez's civil rights. he was holding a rifle when gelhouse confronted him. police at cal want to stop a string of robberies on campus. three students say they have been attacked on wednesday. thieves appear to be taking smart phones from the victims. new at 11:00, tonight we are hearing from a passenger on board a jetblue flight from long beach to sfo.
11:36 pm
the flight was met at the gate by police because of a passenger making threats. a passenger on flight 1136 shared cell phone video he took of police boarding a plane and detaining the man. patrick alexzander felt more could be done to deal with the passenger especially following the shooting at l.a.x. >> i thought that security would be at its highest. i felt in a situation like that one when they say the plane will go down, the plane would be destroyed. immediate action would be taken to get that plane back to the gate and have that man removed and have that man placed under arrest. >> jetblue responded to the claims claims saying they were notified after takeoff. the airline explained it would be better to have them detain the passengers rather than go to another airport. no serious injuries after two planes collided in midair in wisconsin. skydivers were just getting ready to leave the aircraft when the trailing plane hit the lead aircraft shearing off the front plane's wing.
11:37 pm
the pilot and skydivers were able to parachute to safety and the second pilot was able to land safely. 13 cars derailed neared money ton, canada. one was carrying sulfur dioxide. authorities say the tanker did not leak. tomorrow president obama will take part in a rally for supporters of the affordable care act. this as computer experts continue to work on the site that has had problems since it debuted. here is larry jacobs. >> it was a switch in the campaigning mode. it defended the signature health care reform on monday that's when he will appear at a summit to push uninsured americans in health care plans. they will run into even more problems. the site will be down for maintenance so troubleshooters could work out the bugs that presented so many americans
11:38 pm
from signing up for health care on-line. the white house admits that problem has kept people from enrolling. >> the enrollment numbers are released and they will not be what we want them to be. >> this is a mess. you have seen not only the problems with the website, but it is much deeper than the website including so many americans that are getting cancellation notices right now. >> the president's former opponent created a health care exchange and chiming in. >> whether you like the model or not, the fact is the president sold it on a basis that was not true and has undermind the foundation of his second term. >> the attacks could prompt more white house action. >> the president needs to be talking about fundamental good the affordable care act does for people. >> larry jacobs, abc news, new york. >> president obama is heading back to the bay area and they will headline a democratic fundraiser on november 25th.
11:39 pm
it is the president's 16th visit since he took office in 2009. measure b and c in san francisco and measure c would put new restrictions on guns and there are several realignment issues on the bay -- ballot. check out the voter resource guide on call it hash tag wall street. twitter will go public this week. the head of global listings for the new york stock exchange says they will price the ipo on wednesday and begin trading on thursday. san francisco-based twitter hopes to raise $1.6 billion. oracle shareholders voted down the $77 million compensation package for the second year in a row. ellis son is the highest paid ceo of any public company of the world. the resolution is nonbinding and doesn't bear much wait. new at 11:00, a vacaville infant will undergo life
11:40 pm
saving heart surgery after a long and frustrating battle with the family's insurance provider. 14-month-old aria was scheduled to undergo a delicate process to repair her pulmonary artery in oakland. when the provider western health advantage canceled the uh dash do appointment because it was deemed out of network. her parents were told the procedure had to be done later in network at uc davis medical center. time wasn't on the family's side. >> that was a tough road. it made me realize that we shouldn't have stopped. >> after an appeal through the state, an independent review sided with the family. overturning the health plan's denial. still to come, of see a mystery charge pop up on a phone or credit card bill? 7 on your side's michael finney looks at these gray charges and how you can get them to go away permanently.
11:41 pm
and a rare solar eclipse and when the next one can be seen in the u.s. >> hi, everyone. leigh glaser is here again. if you are heading to cabo or mazatlan in mexico, watch out for tropical storm sonya. and we
11:42 pm
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and phone bill.
11:44 pm
do you ever notice the strange charges that pop up on your bills? what are they and where do they come from? michael finney takes on gray charges. >> mystery charges are costing americans billions of dollars a year. one estimate goes as high as 14 billion. you may have noticed them. charges for $10 and less on your credit card and cell phone bill. >> have you ever figured out what the charges were for? >> no, sometimes there are strange descriptions. >> the taxes or the city, something like that. >> and sometimes it will say texting charges. do you ever receive one of those? what do you do? >> let it go. >> often the charges are not even from the phone companies, but from third parties who pay the phone p cs -- phone companies to do the billing. on phone bills those questionable charges are called cramming because they are crammed on the bills.
11:45 pm
they are called gray charges because they fall in a morally gray area. >> it is not fraud, but it is not right. >> they started bill guard, a free app that keeps track of your bills looking for these types of charges. a exhibit mystery charge is applied when you sign up for something and not know about it. >> you sign up for one thing and they tag on something else. you didn't notice that because it was in the fine print of where you signed up. >> another way these charges end up on your bill is through a process called free to paid. joe rideout is with consumer action. >> they try and deceive them into signing up under the guys of being free offers. >> when alert consumers find them and get rid of them, they often come back. >> you will have a zombie subscription. that's where you call and say i want to turn something off and then several months later
11:46 pm
it comes back to life and there it is on your statement again. >> he is the president of liberty group, an oakland-based services committee. he saved money finding these things. >> they charged $9.99 for premium messaging without the person really wanting it. it was found on the bill and they don't have to pay for it anymore. they paid for it and that was that. >> how do i know it is phony? is there someplace i can go? >> good question. you need to go through your bills line byline and when there is something you don't recognize, contact the credit card or phone company. ask the charges be removed. if it is your phone company, consumer advocate says good luck. >> when it appears on your cell phone bill it is a real problem. you don't have the same protections you do when it is on your credit card bill. you simply do not have it on your cell phone bill. >> federal law gives you
11:47 pm
60-days to catch the charges on your credit card. #w* a phone bill the company makes the rules. an easy way to catch the charges is to crowd source with other consumers through the free app bill guard. >> when someone else is able to spot on their credit card or debit card bill a charge that doesn't look right they are able to flag it in the system and then others who have the same charge will have that particular charge prioritized for their review. >> call your mobile provider and tell them you no longer want third party billing and you don't have to worry about it again. a rare solar eclipse this morning was viewed across africa and europe and described as a hybrid eclipse. some witnessed a total blackout while others saw a partial version. the next will be in 2016. mark your calendar.
11:48 pm
now to leigh glaser. >> we are actually starting to see some clearing and as the wind dies down, the temperatures in the north bay will definitely bottom out. look for some 30s and maybe a little frost tomorrow morning. if you are traveling dallas is getting nailed with heavy showers and maybe severe thunderstorms there. increasing clouds, but salt lake city with the higher elevations and expecting a light dusting of snow across our state. we will look for 68 in fresno and a little morning drizzle and low clouds. i want to take you down a little further south. cabo san lucas to the south they dodged this guy right here. this was tropical storm sonya and it will continue to move inland. it will move in the next 24 hours and bringing quite a bit of rainfall. keep that in mind if you have travel plans. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, cool today and blustery tomorrow and get
11:49 pm
ready for nice warming into the 70s. then we cool it down friday, saturday and sunday. follow us for the latest bay area weather conditions plus get video forecast spare the air alerts and power outage info and weather tweets. mike niko will be here. >> and now sports. >> i have some sports. many athletes make the transition from player to coach. but it is tougher than you think. former arena football star is doing just that. 1k3* a local college sat down 1k3* a local college sat down with mark to talk about [ laughter ] he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ girl ] make dinner pop!
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lasts so long. you need a future. some go into broadcasting. mark grieb chose coaching. he is dropping back and fire nooght end zone -- firing into the end zone. >> remember me? he won three arena bowl championships and two mvp trophies. he was named the head coach here at menlo college last april. >> it is a ton of work and there are just so many things you learn in your first year
11:53 pm
that there is no other way to do it. >> the transition includes an eight-man team in arena football to 11 men and a hundred yards in college football. >> it is ask schematically different. you are trying to get yourself back into the x's and o's. >> but being a former player garners respect from your coaches and players. >> i think the good thing is seeing them start to not just think of me as the guy who played arena football for a longtime, but getting to know me as a person and a coach. that's been the fun part and seeing them razz me. >> they are 3-3 this season and they excel off the field knowing this is probably their last shot at playing football. they had three coaches in the last three years, but he hopes his stay will last. >> i hope to be.
11:54 pm
for myself my family lives in the area and my kids are in school close by. i have roots here. i like coaching at this level. >> great guy, great story. he loves the school and he like all of us is multi tasking and he is also the offensive coordinator. they are currently 3-5 at the helm. the raiders hosting philadelphia and they ran up 560 yards of total offense you, but they lost by 29. the eagles had a hand and they tied an nfl record with seven touchdown passes. he finds cooper and he goes 63 yards and had 122 in the first half. eagles scored a touchdown all first four of their possessions. the third quarter and he had his seventh td pass of the game. the third to riley cooper. that ties a record for the
11:55 pm
most in a single game. the eagles will embarrass the raiders 49-20 in the black hole. oakland drops to 3-5 on the year. >> we are a better football team and we will go back to work and get ready to go up to new york and compete against the giants. we will put a better product on the field. >> all of the guys were fired up before the game and ready to go. i felt great at the beginning of the game and continued through the game. >> all right, let's tee it up. the champions tour are ending with two winners. perry won the schwaab cup points final. he needed a win and was tied for fifth or worse. he fight for second at 11 under par. perry finished tied at fifth and three under for the day. fred couples takes the
11:56 pm
tournament by six strokes with a two under 69. a little birdie on seven. he finished 17 under on the tournament. his first win on the champions tour this season. >> it took me the whole year to finally beat kenny perry in something. he has been dominating this tour. >> i am going to take you to wendy's. let's get something to eat. >> pga in shanghai and the final round of the champions and johnson lead by three coming into today. five under on the back 9 including this chip in for eagle on 16th. it propelled him to a 6 under 66 and 4 under for the tournament. the triple-a500. jimmie johnson took the lead. dominated the rest of the day and lead to 255 of the 334 laps. he faced the checkered flag and is now the chase for the cup leader with two races remaining. this sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino.
11:57 pm
seven touchdown passes in one day. i don't think anybody will beat that. the kid played in arizona and he had a packed crowd at the game. >> thank you, shu and thank you for joining us. i'm ama dates and thank you for joining us. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. the news continues now on-line on twitter, facebook and on all of your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. have a great night.
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